Photocopy Services

Copy, Print, and Scan
  • Locations
    Facilities Location
    Copy and Print
    Photocopying Room(1st floor and 2nd floor)
    Information Search Area (1st floor)
    Information Search Area (1st floor)

  • Photocopying / Printing Method:
    Self-service by EasyCards (e.g. student ID card, co-branded EasyCard, iCash).
    Make sure there is enough credit on your EasyCard. For black and white copying, please remain at least NT$2; for color copying, please remain NT$10.

  • Prices
    Photocopying / Printing (A3 、A4、B4) :
    Black and white
    NT$ 1/per
    NT$ 2/per
    Color copy
    NT$ 5/per

    Microform Printing/ Slide Scanning (A4 only) :
    NCKU People  NT$ 3/per
    Non-NCKU People  NT$ 4/per
Color Photocopying Serivce
  • Service Area: Entire collections(including E-resources)
  • How to Apply?
  • 1. Fill out the application at the Circulation Desk
    2. NCKU people who have applied interlibrary loan account can fill out at Nationwide Document Delivery Service.
  • Processing time : We will notify the applicant by telephone or email as soon as possible.
Microform Printing/ Slide Scanning Service
To facilitate readers; to use non-book image data, there are microform reader and printer and positive and negative film images scanners in medical library to provide you read and edit microform datas and slide materials.
Scanning Service
  • Self-Service Scanning
    The University Library provides users with machines for self-service scanning in Information Search Area (1st floor). Staff are available to help you with scanners.
  • Time Limits and Registeration for Use
  • In principle, everyone can only use 20 minutes. If individual has heen used 20 minutes and there is someone waiting for scanning, please let him/her complete first
  • All duplications should comply with the copyright law.
  • Please observe the rules of the library; violator will be disposed by [National Cheng Kung University Library Rules for Reader Violations].